The Emily Capell App!!

The Emily Capell App!!

Written on 01/27/2021
Emily Capell


Last week we were very excited to finally be launching the Emily Capell app! Whoop!! Well done us!! Finally after a whole year in the making it is done and you lot can all see it! It’s out there!! Well done team Em Cap! 


Now I won’t pretend I had a lot to do with actually creating the app. I am absolutely useless at using any technology, it’s embarrassing. Some of you reading this may have come to one of my gigs at one point, where it is not an uncommon occurrence that I will forget to plug my guitar in to the DI. I go through a DI and not an amp because I have absolutely no idea how an amp works. I do have an amp, but I mainly use it to put my clothes on. I’ve got really good at stacking CDs on it too. It’s brilliant. I digress… 


We launched the Emily Capell APP (the ECA) so that we finally gain back a little bit of control over what my fans have access to. It is no big massive shock to anyone that streaming services can be a bit of a pain for musicians trying to earn a living from selling music. Due to the amount people are streaming at the moment, it’s super tricky to earn very much money from music sales. I will climb up on my high horse for a second here and let you all know that I DO NOT HAVE SPOTIFY and I don’t want it either. 


It is an average payout of £0.009 per stream on Spotify. Which is absolutely heart breaking for me if I think about how much it cost to go in to the studio and record the song that you are streaming. It’s a steal! 


Due to lack of physical record sales you now earn most of your money as a musician from touring and playing live. Record sales are totally not what they used to be. For example, one hit wonders are now a thing of the past unless you write a Christmas song or a World Cup song. You used to earn a killing off a one hit wonder purely from how many copies it sold. Joe Dolce, the man behind the 1981 one hit wonder classic ‘Shaddap Your Face’ has a net worth of 5 million if you believe wikipedia. Now that might not be 100% true, but he defo didn’t have to worry about paying his rent for a while after Shaddap Your Face. He wouldn’t be able to do that now with streaming. Depending on your musical taste you may think that a good thing or a bad thing…. 


Now I am not Taylor Swift (who took her music off Spotify and Tidal for a while like the LEGEND THAT SHE IS) I am not going to take my music of streaming platforms. It’s 2021, what can I do? It’s a pain in the arse but streaming isn’t going to go away so I might aswell just try my hardest to gain a little bit of control back and use it to my advantage. Through my APP, you can do all the things that you can do on streaming services anyway, my whole album is on there! As well as all my videos, live streams and lockdown covers. You get way more content and more access to what we’re up to. Gigs and tours will be promoted through the app and so you’ll get notifications on when and how you can buy tickets for shows! It also helps us to know what you’re in too from what you click on most and we can use it for great marketing strategies when we’re finally able to promote tours and gigs again. It’s really cool and I really love it and I am so proud of my team for creating it. 


This week it has been the 15th anniversary of one of the greatest albums of my generation. WHATEVER PEOPLE SAY I AM THATS WHAT I AM NOT by THE ARCTIC MONKEYS. I don’t like to think about how different things are now for musicians since that release and 15 years really isn’t such a long time ago! We give music away for free now, people film gigs and put them on YouTube, so less people go to gigs. I won’t even mention the what Brexit has done for touring abroad. You get paid more for letting your music be played on an advert than what you’d earn releasing a single. It is sad, god knows what JOE STRUMMER would say, but we have to get on with it and use these streaming services and these new ways of distributing music to our advantage and thats what I feel we have done with the ECA! Or at least are trying to do!


So make sure you download it and support me and my team on my quest to take a little bit of control back!


I promise you will love it and I also promise I will never make a reference to Shaddup Your Face again.. xxxx